All Covet, All Lose

by The Eastern Wave

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Some kind words about the record:
"Considering Brown's impressive musical resume prior to The Eastern Wave, to call All Covet, All Lose his most accomplished work to date would be no mean feat. But then again, none of his past works sound quite as meticulous, quite as unique, or simply quite as powerful as All Covet, All Lose. Offering a refreshing take on alt rock inspired shoegaze, The Eastern Wave have themselves one of the most interesting debut albums of the year." - Mike Sandlin,


released March 14, 2009

Jake Brown - vocals, lyrics, bass (all except 4), guitars,
drums (2, 4, 5, 6), keyboards, programming
Jeremy Rogers - vocals (3, 6), drums (1, 3, 7, 9), bass (4)
TJ Stein - guitars (3, 7, 9)
Eric Jernigan - vocals (2, 3)
Andrew Jernigan - guitar (6)
David Swatzell - guitar (2)
Joey Wright - drums (10)
Rick Field - vocals (3)

Produced, engineered and mixed by Jake. This album was recorded
in pieces from Winter 2006 to Spring 2009.

thanks. City of Ships, Antarctic, Nick Close, Bo Dillard, Steve Kleisath, Eric Soelzer, Julie Carpenter, Al Heath, Adam D’Zurilla, Eric Aucoin, BLORR, City Lights Bloom, Joe Van Dyke, Dark Castle, Michael Rice, Timelines, Alan Mills, Mitch Cheney, Greenness, Chase & Anna, Adam Blevins, Ryan Vicknair, Jon Gann, Mt. St. Mtn., Pop Up Records, Lujo Records, Frodahedron, Keepbullfighting, The Taylor Family, The Worley Family, Ava Quigley, With Hatchet Pike & Gun, Greg Monroe.

Layout by Jake Brown



all rights reserved


The Eastern Wave St Augustine, Florida

Est. 2005. St. Augustine, Florida. Jake. (ex-Twothirtyeight, Moments in Grace, Decahedron & Dredger). Formerly En Masse. Previous descriptions have included "Tragic Sci-Fi", "Power Goth" and "The Voice of a Childless World".

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Track Name: Chapter 1: Antidote
Chapter One: Antidote
Hold the glass up to my lips and snap me out of this place. The walls keep closing in, lost in the blue glare. Disfiguring antidote. Keep drinking until it goes away. I heard that this story’s a tragedy. Shaking in my sleep. This thirst cannot be satisfied so easily. Keep drinking until it goes away. I heard that this story’s a tragedy.
Track Name: Chapter 2: Had My Shot
Chapter Two: Had My Shot
Once I had a shot at being honest. Told her I was going out. I had a shot at being faithful, but scents will wash away. I had my shot at being honest. I had my shot at being sober. You used to want me home. Right there, by your side. But now you’re eager for me to leave, right? Which I’ll gladly do, because goddamn my mouth is so dry. I had my shot at being faithful; I had my shot at being sober. I had my shot and now I’m out the door.
Track Name: Chapter 3: Condition: Negative
Chapter Three: Condition: Negative
Back in the city again. Sick of playing “the part” when I begin living after dark. Is it time to change this all, do I have the will? What a lie! I still believe we can change, but will we? A sure sign is how we’re floating out the door, indulging our sins. Signaling for more. Condition: Negative. Jaded and Worn. I want it all to burn. If there’s a will there’s a way to put down everything. Just put down everything and focus. We’re turned on but we’re not saying too much and we can’t even focus. What a lie! I still believe I/we can change this. But will we?
Track Name: Chapter 4: The Last One to Leave
Chapter Four: The Last One to Leave
No, the answer is no. You’ll never change, and that’s why I’m here. In this room that’s lined with cheap blackout curtains and tinted windows. Tonight I’ll be the last one to leave. Slowing down, skin, it burns. More than awake and more honest than ever. Lost in a trance. You think that you gave it all. Well you didn’t, did you? I’m always slipping away from your earshot to pretend somebody’s there, not just me and the drink again. This is nothing new. You think that you gave it all. Well you didn’t, did you? Too much too see, too much too touch…to taste, to fuck. Flashing strobe. Involuntary shut down. Let’s find the darkest shadow. I want to be the last one to leave.
Track Name: Chapter 5: Look the Other Way
Chapter Five: Look the Other Way
Hands wrapped around another bottle. Halfway drained, just on the ride home. Staying high, above depression. No one knows because I simply swallow the evidence. Look the other way, I don’t need your shame. But change is coming, I can feel it crawling underneath my skin. So tired of this sickness day after day. And I’m aching to be free from the sins that let you down. Will I get off this throne and understand the need to cast away the crown? Look the other way, I don’t need your shame.
Track Name: Chapter 6: Let Down
Chapter Six: Let Down
Leaving the city, shaking resumes as if the buildings had collapsed right behind me. Ready to piss the blood right out of my veins. I’ve been dreading this long trip home, and the burn of early-morning withdrawal. Headaches and all. Every day is another let down, lecherous eyes, tongue full of lies. Constant state of denial.
Track Name: Chapter 7: The Stranger
Chapter Seven: The Stranger
When you wake up, is there a way that I can take back all that I’ve done? Have you given up all hope? I want it all. I’ll take that chance. It’s someone else, isn’t it? Get home, front door’s not locked and I wonder whose care that is. Parked down the block but I think I’m just being paranoid. Walk up the stairs, I hear some noises coming from our room. Cracking the bedroom door to see a different side of you. I’ll never ever live this down. I wonder if you’ll be let down when you glance up, and I’m right there – my eyes immersed in your affair. And I’ll just stare. Do you recognize these eyes? I now know how it feels to be old news, but I don’t mind. Greeting cards hanging from the blinds right next to him. Happy holidays, stranger.
Track Name: Chapter 8: The Voyeur
Chapter Eight: The Voyeur
Warm hands, one on the door and one just for me. Watching him slip inside you baby. This isn’t how I imagined things would be. A most unholy matrimony.
Track Name: Chapter 9: The Road to Awe
Chapter Nine: The Road to Awe
The road to this scene has been long and winding, and I feel the drink wearing off. When life begins with needles and pins, well it ends with swords and knives. Try not to make a sound as I release all of my problems and ascend to heaven. Only to be pulled back down. Not sure why I’m here, or where to go. Mesmerized by the sight of him between her thighs. I’ll revel in my sick silence as I feel my soul float away. . Try not to make a sound as I release all of my problems and ascend to heaven. Only to be pulled back down by a warm sensation. A dull blade cuts through my veins. It’s ok baby. I was too late to be saved anyway. This time I don’t have to pretend that I’m falling asleep, eyes heavy. Their weight can’t be lifted. This has been a long road baby, let the light come show its face.
Track Name: Chapter 10: Mind Like a Museum
Chapter Ten: Mind Like a Museum
Racing through the grass, fields stretched out before us. Sun drenched faces. This is the day that we met. Chasing the same dreams from this cultural design that we were raised to believe…(dreams) that left me to die. Hands pressed on the glass, arms stretched out before us. Fluorescent-lit faces. Not sure if this was your idea. From that look in your eyes, I can see that we were miles. Miles beyond goodbye. As my ride arrives, I realize: We write our own endings, we make our own Hell. We make our own Hell.